December 2020: "We 3 Queers"

It's 100 days B.C. in the land of Judea. Facing re-election, the evil ruler Herod launches a new set of policies designed to divide the population. But, when their friend Mary becomes pregnant in unusual circumstances, Three Wise Queers and their friend Gabe decide to launch a campaign to overthrow the dictator and restore the values of decency and tolerance to the land. (Running Time: 68 minutes)

July 2020: "Queer Shame"

Pride. A time to celebrate. But, are we truly ready to celebrate the achievement of a post-homophobic society? In 'Queer Shame', Q&T Drama Society explores themes of pride, prejudice and belonging within the LGBTQ+ community. (Running Time: 75 minutes)

December 2019: "A Queermas Carol"

Carol Scrooge is a mean old cow. And she REALLY doesn't like Christmas. She shouts obscenities at the local Carole singers, she makes fun of charity collectors and she treats the staff in her pawn shop on Kennington High Street like dirt. But just as Carol is preparing to spend another Christmas on her own, she receives a visitor from her past who begs her to change her ways. Will Carol rediscover her Christmas spirit or will she end her days alone?

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